Tajik Fellows

Ilhomjon Aliev, 2018

Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce

Sabrina Kandenova, 2018

Head of Risk and Control at the First Microfinance Bank in Tajikistan

Muhaiyo Nozimova, 2018

Freelance journalist and national coordinator of the international ‘SCOOP’ network in investigative journalism

Komroni Radzhabiyon, 2018

Regional Specialist on Customs and Trade Facilitation at USAID’s Competitiveness, Trade and Jobs Programme

Komron Rakhmatullaev, 2018

Private sector consultant for the International Finance Cooperation’s Competitiveness Enhancement Project and Co-founder of NGO 'Ilmhona'

Regina Sokolova, 2018

Disaster Risk Management Programme at the UNDP

Jovid Ikromov, 2017 Fellow

Head of department at the Centre for Strategic Research under the President of Tajikistan

Shuhrat Maqsudov, 2017 Fellow

Head of international relations and project management at the Khujand Polytechnic Institute of Tajik Technical University

Hamadony Muzafarov, 2017 Fellow

Hamadony founded the Hamadoni Muzafar Learning Centre which opened in 2006 in Navdi village

Dalerdzhon Nabiev, 2017 Fellow

Agronomist and coordinator working with Innovations and Participation for Development

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