Dovletguly Dovletov

Leading Specialist of the Banking Supervision Department of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan

Dovletguly Dovletov is a leading specialist in the Banking Supervision Department of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. The Banking Supervision Department´s main role is to maintain the condition and performance of the Bank by ensuring compliance with the Bank´s legal and regulatory frameworks and regulating that the management structure, policies and procedures are properly observed.

In addition, Dovletguly has key abilities as a translator, speaking Russian, Turkish and English languages and holds a diploma in Economics. Dovletguly hopes to use his experience as a John Smith Fellow to gain useful experience and insight into the governance and management procedures used in the UK and apply this knowledge in his work within the Supervisory Department upon his return to Turkmenistan. Dovletguly´s aim is to develop management structures within the Central Bank that will improve the overall running of the banking system in Turkmenistan.

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