Lamiya Khudoyarova

Commission for the Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Entrepreneurs

Lamiya works at the Commission for the Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Entrepreneurs. She works with public and private sector organisations and is active in business negotiations with investors and entrepreneurs from different regions. A key part of her role is to restore the rights of entrepreneurs which have been previously violated by government representatives. She also addresses complex commercial issues and development needs in the investment sphere and participates in the law-making process as part of an expert group in Parliament. She has previously worked with the UNDP and Cabinet of Ministers and was part of a process that introduced changes to the constitution.

Lamiya’s action plan is to support the development of SMEs across Uzbekistan by simplifying the process of establishing and running a business. Her initiative focuses on bringing together governmental agencies and departments that currently work with investors and local entrepreneurs and incorporate them under one institutional framework. She believes that the provision of an easy track of actions through one portal will eliminate corruption and bureaucracy and make running a business more straightforward, convenient and transparent.


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