Nino Gogoladze

National Programme Manager, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities

Nino Gogoladze is the National Programme Manager for the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities. In this role she works closely with government and civil society organisations to ensure that national minorities are sufficiently represented in Georgia. Prior to this role Nino worked as a National Anti-Trafficking Officer for the OSCE Mission to Georgia. She has also worked for the UN Population Fund, facilitating high-level dialogue and coordinating programmes to support greater gender equality in Georgia.

Nino’s Action Plan aims to improve the representation of ethnic minorities, particularly ethnic Armenians and Azerbaijanis, in Georgia’s political parties. Lack of integration of ethnic minority groups remains problematic in Georgia and can potentially lead to violent conflict.  By improving state policies on integration, cohesion and conflict prevention Nino hopes to involve minorities in the democratic process and promote national unity. 

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