Shamshod Yunusov

Co-founder and communications specialist of ‘Fergana Taraqqiyot Centre’

Shamshod is a co-founder and communications specialist of ‘Fergana Taraqqiyot Centre’, a not-for-profit organization supporting community development in the Fergana Valley. Prior to this, Shamshod worked as a local expert in a rural water supply and sanitation project where he established all elements of a rural water supply system in the Ferghana district. Shamshod’s organisation currently provides legal, technical and institutional support to 36 villages in Fergana valley and Syrdarya province in Uzbekistan.

Shamshod’s action plan is to increase citizen engagement in local government decision-making as well as service provision in Uzbekistan. He wants to combine what he has learned through working on water governance in the Ferghana Valley over several years with innovative approaches to mobilising citizens to play a more active role in local governance and creating more responsive local government. The current state programme on the development of infrastructure in communities will serve as a platform for the introduction of decentralisation mechanisms and, in the long term, Shamshod hopes to influence the state program on the development of rural and urban infrastructure.


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