The Trust’s values inform everything we do, and Fellows who join our community are expected to demonstrate them during their Fellowship Programmes and beyond. They are:

  • Openness. We actively promote respect and tolerance for all peoples, societies and cultures. We practice listening and empathy first, as the key to unlocking collaborative connections. 
  • Equity. The quality of being fair, just and impartial is fundamental to everything we do. We believe an equitable society is possible, one in which all can participate, prosper and have access to justice. 
  • Curiosity. We have the curiosity to pursue a deep understanding of the issues we are tackling and keep looking for innovation in all we do. We constantly seek insights and challenge ourselves to find better solutions. 
  • Connection. We foster connections for the generous sharing of skills, knowledge and experience. Through collaboration and solidarity, we increase the power to achieve our goals for better societies. 
  • Courage. We have the humility to act and lead in the pursuit of equitable, inclusive and sustainable societies. As a community of social-impact leaders we know the importance of our own agency, and leading with kindness and compassion.