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7 interview tips to help you shine

23 Aug 2023 What do we mean when we talk about “authenticity”? What’s the STAR approach and how can it help in an interview? Read our interviewers’ top tips to find out. 

The environmental impacts of Russia’s war on Ukraine concern us all

15 Aug 2023 On 18 July, Fellows, UK parliamentarians and environmental experts discussed the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine on the environment and what can be done to better monitor the damage and bring Russia to justice. 

A bridge between business and government in Kyrgyzstan

26 Jul 2023 In his new role as Head of Secretariat of the Investment Council, Kyrgyz Fellow Uluk Kydyrbaev is helping shape a policy environment in which entrepreneurship can thrive

John Smith Trust launches new fellowship programme

17 Jul 2023 We’re inviting exceptional young professionals and change-makers from 12 countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia to apply for our next fellowship programme. This will take place online from August 2023 to February 2024 and includes a two-week residential programme in the UK.

Mentoring offers huge benefits for professional growth

11 Jul 2023 Our new mentoring programme is a unique opportunity for all John Smith Fellows to tap into the wealth of expertise and experience within our network – as both mentors and mentees.

The unfolding conversations on colonial legacies and how to counter them

16 Jun 2023 Speaking up about repression during the Soviet Union’s colonial rule is empowering communities to come to terms with historical trauma. 

“We encourage citizens to speak up”

05 May 2023 To tackle corruption effectively, Moldova needs both transparent governance and engaged citizens who know their rights and can hold the authorities to account

Moldova: on the frontline of Russia’s misinformation war

24 Apr 2023 Moldova is facing a barrage of Russian propaganda, misinformation and fake news. Alexei Tulbure, a media commentator and director of Moldova’s Oral History Institute, is working to counter this threat 

The value of leadership networks in times of crises

18 Apr 2023 Fellows from across Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia are rethinking governance and leadership in the context of ongoing global crises

Ukrainian deputy defence minister: dignity comes from knowledge

31 Mar 2023 Andriy Shevchenko, a John Smith Fellow, has been appointed deputy defence minister of Ukraine, a role through which he will contribute to the defence of his nation against the Russian invasion.

Central Asian Fellows in Tashkent: strengthening regional cooperation

24 Mar 2023 The geopolitical impacts of Russia’s war on Ukraine have opened up new opportunities for regional development in Central Asia, creating a renewed drive for cooperation between countries in the region

Can technology unlock future jobs in Tajikistan?

10 Mar 2023 Jahongir Aminjanov, a John Smith Trust Fellow (2019), wants to encourage technology to address a lot of social and economic issues in the country, like youth unemployment. He sees the future – especially after Covid – where technology really can have an impact in the development of Tajik society. Whether it’s education, healthcare, finance or anything else.

Public-private partnerships create social impact in Kyrgyzstan

03 Mar 2023 Albina Rakhmidinova, a lawyer and John Smith Trust Fellow (2019), was among the first people to see the potential for public-private partnerships (PPPs) – collaborations between government agencies and private-sector companies in Kyrgyzstan.

Statement on Ukraine from the John Smith Trust

24 Feb 2023 We express our ongoing support for the people of Ukraine who are defending their freedom and we continue to support all efforts to end Russia’s unprovoked invasion.

Moldova: opportunities in the midst of crisis?

22 Feb 2023 As the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine arrives, neighbouring Moldova is at a pivotal moment and faces a struggle to defend itself against Russian aggression.
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Central Asia: reimagining business for social good

21 Feb 2023 John Smith Fellows Kumush Atayeva and Malika Sharipova joined environmental campaigner and entrepreneur Emma Shaw on 9 February to explore ways to implement and improve CSR.

Who’s responsible for challenging gender norms?

30 Jan 2023 Those working to promote gender equality must engage both men and women in the conversation, according to Fellows attending a workshop hosted by the John Smith Trust

Insights and pioneering in corporate social responsibility

28 Nov 2022 Ten years ago, corporate social responsibility (CSR) was a term largely unheard-of in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, but that is changing thanks to two John Smith Trust Fellows

Climate campaigning with Johnny Chatterton: “When small fish turn the tables”

07 Nov 2022 Campaigning expert Johnny Chatterton and John Smith Fellows give key insights on how to hold the powerful to account with limited resources

Women fight for occupational gender equality in Kazakhstan

27 Oct 2022 How do you change a law that’s almost a century old and based on gender inequality?