Who are our John Smith Trust Fellows?

John Smith Trust Fellows are emerging leaders and exceptional individuals.  They are united by their commitment to the principles of good governance, the rule of law and social justice and making a positive contribution to their societies.

The John Smith Trust (JST) is proud of the role we are privileged to play in supporting our Fellows’  personal and professional development. Those who successfully complete the JST Fellowship Programme become part of the distinguished network of JST Alumni of over 500 Fellows . As JST Fellows rise to positions of national and international impact, they leverage the friendships and invaluable professional contacts cultivated during their time in the UK and their subsequent connections across the JST Alumni Network.

Click to watch short videos of JST Alumni talking about their JST Fellowship Programme experience and the benefit of it to their immediate and longer term professional development.

Davit Mikeladze from Georgia is a John Smith Trust Fellow from the 2014 Wider Europe Fellowship Programme.

Lilit Banduryan from Armenia is a John Smith Trust Fellow from the 2017 Wider Europe Fellowship Programme.