Advancing local government reform in my country

"Participating in John Smith Trust fellowship programme was a very valuable experience. I used some advice and recommendations about public accountability, public participation, active citizen participation in our reform proposal, what we were doing in our local government reform in Georgia. It was very useful for me and I immediately applied those recommendations back in 2014."
— Davit Mikeladze, Georgia, 2014

An opportunity to get a detailed insight into the government system of the United Kingdom

"The Fellowship provided me with an opportunity to get a very detailed insight into the government system of the United Kingdom. At the same time the fellowship provides you with an opportunity to pursue your own agenda, your objectives for the future – what you want to change in your country. "
— Lilit Banduryan, Armenia, 2017

Gaining experience in new technology and innovations

"It was a great opportunity for me to learn about new technology, innovations to adapt in Tajikistan. Already I can say I have some results which I have adapted in our area."
— Dalerdzhon Nabiev, Tajikistan, 2017

Learning about UK economic policies from UK government and private sector

"I want to improve the Kyrgyz economy through stronger and more professional engagement of private sector and public private dialogue. The fellowship unites unique people with different experiences and I think building on that we can and we should make changes in our countries and the region overall."
— Uluk Kydrybaev, Kyrgyzstan, 2011

Bringing knowledge of UK democratic principles back to my country

"I've been doing gender equality and women's rights work for more than 25 years and the John Smith fellowship has had a fundamental role in my career."
— Shahla Ismayil, Azerbaijan, 2005

Meeting key decision makers and leaders

"I truly believe that the programme helps to bring the best people, give them this experience - being united like we are a small UN here - and bring it back home and make our world better."
— Bella Gazdiyeva, Kazakhstan, 2017

Community of like-minded professionals

"Be brave and don’t miss the opportunity to apply for this unique and outstanding programme that will teach you how to become best. "
— Jahongir Aminjanov, Tajikistan, 2019

Motivation and inspiration to lead change

"Before I came, I was thinking – no I won’t go into politics, no I won’t become a judge. But here at JST, they are saying – yes you can do this. Why don’t you run become a judge? Why don’t you run for parliament? You can do it. You must do it."
— Dilfuza Kurolova, Uzbekistan, 2019

Testing yourself as a leader

"During this month in the UK I have tested myself. And I have discovered that, actually, yes, I am a leader – an emerging leader. Through the Programme I have identified my strong and weak qualities. I think I can do more, and I will take more responsibility to make a difference in my country."
— Albina Rakhmidinova, Kyrgyzstan, 2019