Detailed insights into UK institutions

"I was a Fellow of the John Smith Trust back in 2017 and I can say that it was a great experience in Edinburgh and London. It provides you with an opportunity to get a very detailed insight into the government system of the United Kingdom which is one of the oldest ones and most established in the world."
— Lilit Banduryan, Armenia 2017

Understanding of challenges and lessons learnt in the UK

"It was an enriching experience for me. Meeting with Government representatives at Downing Street and others in the UK was really beneficial for me. From a professional perspective also, it was highly valuable for me because I learned about how in Britain it is organised for local government, what are the challenges and best practices."
- Davit Mikeladze, Georgia 2014

Access to innovations and new ideas

"I participated in 2017 with other guys from Tajikistan. It was a very good and very great opportunity for me to learn and to gain some big experience with new technology and innovations to adapt in Tajikistan."
- Dalerdzhon Nabiev, Tajikistan 2017

“The network among the Fellows is amazing. There are so many brilliant and outstanding professionals on the Programme... It’s a great opportunity to meet and listen to their insights and see how they’re dealing with situations in justice or banking. The sense of community is outstanding. In four weeks, in this short period of time, we can call ourselves a family.”
- Jahongir Aminjanov, Tajikistan 2019

“Before I came, I was thinking – no I won’t go into politics, no I won’t become a judge. But here at JST, they are saying – yes you can do this. Why don’t you run become a judge? Why don’t you run for parliament? You can do it. You must do it.”
- Dilfuza Kurolova, Uzbekistan 2019

"During this month in the UK I have tested myself. And I have discovered that, actually, yes, I am a leader – an emerging leader. Through the Programme I have identified my strong and weak qualities. I think I can do more, and I will take more responsibility to make a difference in my country."
- Albina Rakhmidinova, Kyrgyzstan 2019