Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, meeting with Wider Europe 2019 Fellows.

Core Programme

At a group level, Fellows participate in workshops, debates and visits with senior leaders and high level experts. There are visits to the Scottish and UK Parliaments, to law courts, think tanks and social enterprises. There are meetings with senior politicians, civil servants, notable UK figures and grassroots activists. These opportunities of high level access give the Fellows unique insight into the UK’s political and civil society and the workings of UK institutions.

Wider Europe Fellow 2019 (Armenia) Action Plan meeting with Chair of Justice Select Committee, Sir Robert Neill MP

Action Plan

At an individual level, Fellows each work on their own Action Plan during the Fellowship Programme. The Action Plan is a piece of work or a project related to the Fellow’s own field of expertise which would be enhanced by UK experience and input. The Action Plan can be related any field, but must contribute to promoting good governance, social justice or rule of law in their society. The Action Plan should be ambitious yet feasible to implement. The Action Plan is developed and finalised during the Programme as a result of one-to-one Action Plan Meetings with relevant UK experts and organisations. Fellows are required to formally report on the implementation of their Action Plan at 6 months and 12 months after completion of the Programme.

Fellows' Public Debate - using 'points of information' technique effectively

Leadership skills

The Fellowship Programmes also include leadership skills development including debate and communications training. During the Programme, Fellows have the opportunity to participate in media training with seasoned professionals and contribute to a formal public debate. They spend a weekend retreat exploring their own leadership styles and developing personal and professional skills for leading change with confidence.