Community of like-minded professionals

Jahongir Aminjanov is Deputy Head of the Payment Systems Department and the Head of the Digital Financial Services Unit at the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT). His main role at the NBT is to increase access to formal financial services through technology and to create favourable regulatory conditions for market participants.

Jahongir is intent on providing affordable and accessible financial services to improve financial inclusion, particularly for young people and women in Tajik society. 

“I came across the John Smith Trust Fellowship and it struck me,” says Jahongir. The Fellowship looks more at areas of good governance, social justice and rule of law. In my work I also face situations that require good governance and good regulation, so I thought it was important to apply. 

I aim to provide affordable payment services to low income populations. The reason I’m here is to explore the experience the UK has had in this area. For example, the Bank of England and other institutions that have been working on the development of financial services through technology. I will use what I have learned in my individualised meetings with those institutions. My action plan is more targeted now.”

The network among the Fellows is amazing. There are so many brilliant and outstanding professionals on the Programme. We have people working for government, finance, academia. It’s a great opportunity to meet and listen to their insights and see how they’re dealing with situations in justice or banking. The sense of community is outstanding. In four weeks, in this short period of time, we can call ourselves a family.” 

Be brave and don’t miss the opportunity to apply for this unique and outstanding programme that will teach you how to become best in your area, how to learn rule of law, social justice and good governance.”