Bobur Bekmurodov

Bobur is the Chairman of the Nationwide Movement ‘Yuksalish’ in Uzbekistan. He is also a Member of Legislative Chamber of Parliament, National Anticorruption Council, National Gender Commission, Board Chairman of the National Association of NGOs, and Board Member of the Strategic Development Agency Commission in Uzbekistan. Bobur has been engaged in good governance, civil society development, monitoring the implementation of Uzbekistan’s state programme and reforms, and building civic partnerships across the Central Asian region. He has over 15 years of background in governance, public and analytical institutions. Leading a nationwide NGO with 14 offices across Uzbekistan, Bobur participates in drafting laws and legal acts focused on civil society, civil transformations, anticorruption reforms, gender issues and citizen engagement in public administration in the country. Bobur has been a John Smith Trust Fellow since 2018.