Inspiring girls to dream big in rural Tajikistan  

20 Aug 2020   Muhaiyo Nozimova, Sabrina Kandenova and Regina Sokolova (JST 2018, Tajikistan) have been supporting girls at a remote school in Tajikistan’s Abdurahmoni Jomi District to follow their professional dreams – both for themselves and their communities. These three talented professionals from different sectors met during their JST Fellowship Programme in the UK. Muhaiyo is a journalist and founder of Zira Media, an online platform […]
John Smith Trust Fellow

Raising awareness through documentary making

13 Aug 2020   In 2019, Kyrgyz journalist Aigul Adzheiva produced her first documentary, a hard hitting look at issues of injustice connected with gender inequality in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.  The documentary, called ‘A Stolen Life’ examined the practices of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan and virgin medical tests in Tajikistan through the anguished stories of individual families. It  aired on the NTS Channel in Kyrgyzstan in October 2019 and was also posted on YouTube where it has had over 150,000 views to date. Revealing the very […]
Levan Makhashvili, JST Fellow, Georgia 2018

Georgia’s effective response to COVID-19

06 Aug 2020 Georgia has been praised and admired round the world for its swift and effective national response to COVID-19. Together with the health authorities and relevant ministries, the Parliament of Georgia has been at the centre of its national response. The Georgian Parliament’s role and expertise during the pandemic were greatly supported by both the newly-established […]

New leadership at the national think tank for reforms in Uzbekistan 

30 Jul 2020 Bobur Bekmuradov (JST 2018, Uzbekistan) has been appointed the Chairman of the nationwide movement ‘Yuksalish’, the national think tank for reforms in Uzbekistan. His new position has been given ministerial status by special decree. The appointment is recognition for Bobur’s considerable contribution to building democratic institutions since being elected an MP in December 2019 and […]

Post-legislative scrutiny: a step towards accountable policing in Kyrgyzstan

28 Jul 2020   The Kyrgyz Parliament recently adopted a new methodology for post-legislative scrutiny, meaning that MPs will be able to provide evidence-based parliamentary oversight more effectively. The new method allows lawmakers and civil society to analyse the effectiveness of laws that have been enacted and ensure that new laws are working in practice in the way that they were intended. This development is in no small part down to Timur Shaikhutdinov (JST 2018, Kyrgyzstan) and his colleagues and is a […]

Free legal aid in Uzbekistan

22 Jul 2020   Mushtariy Madrakhimova (Uzbekistan, JST 2019) has been at the heart of a project opening 56 offices of the ‘Madad Centre’, providing free legal aid across Uzbekistan. The project is part of Mushtariy’s work at the Ministry of Justice in Tashkent, where she leads a joint UK-Uzbek initiative to create a legal information portal to […]

Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution in Uzbekistan

22 Jul 2020   Within six months of returning home from her JST Fellowship Programme, Rano Ismailova (JST 2019) has already taken solid steps towards her goal of making Uzbekistan a hub for mediation. Not only have Rano’s recommendations on the new Uzbek law on mediation been included in a June 2020 parliamentary resolution, she has also started […]