Public-private partnerships create social impact in Kyrgyzstan

03 Mar 2023 Albina Rakhmidinova, a lawyer and John Smith Trust Fellow (2019), was among the first people to see the potential for public-private partnerships (PPPs) – collaborations between government agencies and private-sector companies in Kyrgyzstan.

Statement on Ukraine from the John Smith Trust

24 Feb 2023 We express our ongoing support for the people of Ukraine who are defending their freedom and we continue to support all efforts to end Russia’s unprovoked invasion.

Moldova: opportunities in the midst of crisis?

22 Feb 2023 As the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine arrives, neighbouring Moldova is at a pivotal moment and faces a struggle to defend itself against Russian aggression.
A photo of a cafe with a woman serving a customer at the bar. A blackboard on the left with 'Sustainables' written on it.

Central Asia: reimagining business for social good

21 Feb 2023 John Smith Fellows Kumush Atayeva and Malika Sharipova joined environmental campaigner and entrepreneur Emma Shaw on 9 February to explore ways to implement and improve CSR.

Who’s responsible for challenging gender norms?

30 Jan 2023 Those working to promote gender equality must engage both men and women in the conversation, according to Fellows attending a workshop hosted by the John Smith Trust

Insights and pioneering in corporate social responsibility

28 Nov 2022 Ten years ago, corporate social responsibility (CSR) was a term largely unheard-of in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, but that is changing thanks to two John Smith Trust Fellows

Climate campaigning with Johnny Chatterton: “When small fish turn the tables”

07 Nov 2022 Campaigning expert Johnny Chatterton and John Smith Fellows give key insights on how to hold the powerful to account with limited resources

Women fight for occupational gender equality in Kazakhstan

27 Oct 2022 How do you change a law that’s almost a century old and based on gender inequality?

Fellows seek justice for civilian victims of Russia’s war  

26 Jul 2022 While still faced with the ongoing horrors of the war in Ukraine, Oleksandr Vodyannikov has turned his attention to compensation for civilian victims, and bringing in international support

Perspectives on the war in Ukraine with Fiona Hill

22 Jul 2022 Since the start of the war, the John Smith Trust has been bringing together its network of change-makers and leaders in the former Soviet Union, to discuss how best to support Ukraine
Young people in park

How to encourage a global generation of change makers and problem solvers

08 Jul 2022 As a student Saida Ibrahimava found there weren’t enough places for young people to exchange ideas, learn from and collaborate with each other. Her mission is to change this for the next generation of young leaders
Two women harvesting vegetables

As the challenge of climate change intensifies our Fellows seek solutions

24 Jun 2022 Climate change is a defining problem of our age and it will take an unprecedented collective effort to change the trajectory we are currently on, an effort which preoccupies many of our Fellows

Ukraine: efforts to tackle the war’s devastating environmental impact

17 Jun 2022 Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, environmental lawyer Olya Melen-Zabramna has been documenting the catastrophic environmental impacts of the war and planning for her country’s future rehabilitation

Armenia: in search of a lasting peace

27 May 2022 Human rights lawyer and politician Edmon Marukyan is contributing to negotiations for a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan in his new role as ambassador-at-large

Ukraine: what our Fellows are doing and how you can help

24 May 2022 One of the most important things that we can all do to support efforts to halt Russia’s unlawful attack on Ukraine, is to keep informed and to share facts about the war with others. This point was made very clear during an online event at Chatham House in May

Sweet opportunities for Moldovan honey

20 May 2022 Political reforms in Moldova following last year’s elections are creating fertile ground for social enterprises and small businesses, such as beekeeping, to flourish

In Kyrgyzstan: “Justice is our goal, arbitration is our means”

06 May 2022 When a justice system is hampered by corruption, settling civil and commercial disputes through private arbitration offers an alternative to the courts, but change rarely comes easy

How data is essential for sustainable development in Turkmenistan

29 Apr 2022 Our Fellow Sofiya Yuvshanova is helping strengthen Turkmenistan’s national capacity to generate evidence for better monitoring of the UN sustainable development goals

No world leader has successfully fought alone against a united world

22 Apr 2022 Nurturing connections, support and understanding across borders should always be a priority for civilized societies, but in the face of the horror unleashed by Putin, it is also an act of resistance. And will be key to his defeat

Humanitarian mission in Ukraine: “Together we will win”

12 Apr 2022 Mykhaylo Nakhod, co-founder of civic movement Svidomi, based in Western Ukraine, turned his organisation into a volunteer humanitarian mission the moment war broke out